Who Buys Kosher?

According to the Pew Research center, only about 2.2% of the American Who buys kosher foodsadult population identifies as being Jewish and only about 15-20% of those keep kosher. However, almost half of the foods in the supermarket are kosher certified. That’s more than the foods claiming to use ethical practices, be allergen safe, or have no additives/preservatives.

Reasons People Buy Kosher Products

  • Allergies – Because of the kosher restrictions that keep dairy from meat and other products, those that may have an allergy to dairy or suffer from lactose intolerance can be sure there is no chance of a reaction. The same goes for the majority of Passover foods and gluten. Chametz – wheat, spelt, barley, oats, and rye – is not allowed during Passover, so those intolerant to gluten or with celiac can stock up on many Passover foods. Shellfish is another common allergy that you won’t find contaminating kosher food. Those in the market to buy allergy-friendly foods know they can just look for the kosher seal which increases the market for kosher-certified products.
  • Positive Perception – The term kosher is defined as ”proper, genuine, or fit.“ When people see the word kosher on food products, they automatically connote that food with being cleaner, healthier, and safer than others on the market. So, people will be more likely to buy this product than the same one next to it without a seal.
  • Animal Welfare – Judaism places a heavy significance on the care of animals and the prevention of their unnecessary suffering. The term Tza’ar Ba’alei Chayim means the suffering of animals and kosher law dictates against this. Because of this, those that are concerned about animal welfare can feel better about their food having not suffered during slaughter.
  • Vegetarian Diet – Those who have a vegetarian diet don’t eat meat but will eat animal by-products such as eggs and dairy. Because items labeled as kosher dairy, or pareve are guaranteed not to contain any meat whatsoever, vegetarians can partake without worry.

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