Kosher Catering

Kosher catering involves strict adherence to Jewish dietary laws. More specifically, it requires dairy products and meat to be distinctly separate in meals. Although any kitchen can perform kosher catering as long as they adhere to the rules, many companies just do not offer this catering option in the Orlando area.

What is Kosher?

A kosher menu features meals with main ingredients of either dairy or meat from animals with cloven hooves that “chew cud,” fish with fins and scales, and some fowl. Therefore, pork and shellfish are among the meats prohibited from a kosher diet. Additional traditions include:

Vegetables, fruits, and grains must be planted separately and cannot be hybridized with other types.

Fruit from trees planted within the past three years cannot be eaten.

Kosher wine must follow a specific creation process including cleansing of the devices and utensils used to harvest the grapes; no use of gelatin, casein, and bull blood in the development process; and more.

Beverages with grape-based products must only be created with grapes from a kosher winery.

Kosher Catering Criteria

To be involved in kosher catering, you need to be certified by one of the many kosher certification agencies in the world. They will also need to adapt their menu to the kosher restrictions, which can be quite strict. It does help to have or hire a chef who has some expertise in preparing kosher meals. The support staff of a kosher caterer should be well versed in the restrictions and should not make the mistake of serving dairy and meat together. In the case of a mistake, they should be proactive and correct it.

Zayde’s Kosher Catering

Zayde’s Kosher Catering is convenient for a wide variety of events, including business events or ceremonial events such as a weddings or bar and bat mitzvahs. Zayde’s is dedicated to delivering high-end, internationally-inspired kosher cuisine within the strict kashrut guidelines. Contact Zayde’s today at 407-996-0250 or to learn more about kosher catering options in the Orlando area.

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