What Is a Kosher Diet?

It seems like every couple months there is a new fad diet making the rounds on the internet. Social media influencers and YouTube stars constantly promote new and exciting diets that, they say, will make you lose weight and be happier. Although this is the sort of thing most of us think of when we hear the word “diet,” it can also more generally describe the way a person or group of people habitually eats. It is in this second sense of the word that a kosher diet is a diet.

Misconceptions Surrounding a Kosher Diet

It is misleading to think of a kosher diet as belonging to the same family as the Atkins, paleo, keto, and other fad diets. Yes, all of these are diets because they prescribe certain rules for eating and drinking, but their reasons for doing so are completely different. Modern diets trotted out by health gurus and internet personalities offer (supposedly) a healthier way of eating that will bring you desirable physical benefits, like weight loss or clearer skin.

A kosher diet makes no such promises. It is true that some people try to buy certified-kosher food for humanitarian reasons or allergy concerns. However, the kosher diet does not exist so that people can buy ethically-slaughtered meat or bonafide vegetarian products. In other words, if the world suddenly stopped having ethical concerns about the way in which animals were killed for meat, people would still adhere to a kosher diet.

The Origins and Purpose of the Kosher Diet

The kosher diet did not originate from scientific research on healthy eating. Rather, it comes from the Jewish religion handed down from the time of Moses, thousands of years ago. The word “kosher” itself is an anglicized term from the ancient Hebrew word “kasher,” meaning appropriate or allowed. Kosher food, then, is what is appropriate to eat under Jewish dietary law. These laws are called kashrut and have been recorded in the Torah and passed down for centuries.

Thus, a kosher diet is one which adheres to kashrut, the Jewish food laws regulating which foods are permitted and how they are prepared. This is simply the way that the Jewish people have eaten from generation to generation, and the diet carries deep cultural and religious significance. If you want to learn more about the specific food and preparation restrictions of the kosher diet, check out this blog on the kosher laws.

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