What Does Being Kosher Mean?

The word kosher comes from the Hebrew language and means ‘proper’. What does kosher mean?Traditionally, this is a set of food and drink-making practices defined by Jewish dietary law, which makes food appropriate and clean enough to eat. There are specific processes for all three categories of food and drink to ensure kosher status. The three categories include meat, dairy, and pareve. Each must follow specific observances. Keeping a kosher diet helps those who practice Judaism to maintain a strong spiritual identification and keep close to God by obeying his commandment to eat kosher.

Rise of Popularity

Because of the connotation of the term ‘kosher’ with purity, American’s have been viewing products with kosher certification as being from a more trustworthy and of wholesome origin. With the importance of eating more healthfully and a wider recognition of dietary restrictions, such as gluten and dairy, the number of kosher-certified products on shelves has risen by over 60% since 2003.


Following are some very basic rules of kosher foods:

Meat may be derived from animals with cloven hooves that chew their cud. This includes sheep, cattle, goats, and deer. Slaughter of any animal must be done in a specific kosher fashion using kosher tools. Fish may be eaten if it has fins and scales. Fowl is allowed, as long as it is not a bird of prey.

Dairy may not be eaten with meat and must come from kosher animals. The ingredients and equipment used must also follow kosher standards.

Pareve is any food that does not fit in the meat or dairy category. It cannot be processed on the same equipment as meat or dairy. Any fruits or vegetables have to be from aged trees and checked for any insects or larvae.

Wine must be handled and produced only by kosher and Sabbath-observant Jews, with kosher grapes.

Hosting a Kosher Event

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