The Benefits of Being Kosher

Contrary to what a lot of people think, kosher isn’t just another type of the benefits of being kosherhealth diet out there like gluten-free, paleo, or vegan. The primary purpose of eating kosher is not to increase overall health or to gain any other physical benefit. Rather, the point of keeping a kosher diet is to obey the food laws set down in the Torah to carry on Jewish religious practices. With that said, there can be some secondary benefits to eating kosher food as well.

Food Held to a Higher Standard

The kosher food laws do regulate which foods are permitted to eat and which aren’t, but many also have to do with the handling and preparation of the food. The standards for kosher food are higher than any others, including USDA regulations. To use just one example, any fruits or vegetables must be inspected for parasites or insects to be certified kosher. The belief that kosher foods are superior is reflected in buying trends – about 65% of kosher food consumers primarily buy kosher because it is higher quality.

More Humane Meats

Many people are aware of the inhumane, ghastly treatment of animals in large-scale meat production facilities, and some have serious ethical concerns about buying and consuming meat from these providers. If you buy a kosher meat product, you can be sure that the animal was slaughtered humanely because the Torah prescribes only one method: “shechting.” This involves using a flawless knife to quickly kill an animal, which is far more decent than most slaughtering methods employed today.

Avoiding Food Allergies and Illnesses

With food that has been certified kosher, you know exactly what you are getting and what is in the food. This can prevent cross-contamination issues for those who are allergic to shellfish, for instance. Because the Torah prohibits shellfish, no kosher product will have shellfish or traces of shellfish in them from other utensils. Likewise, animals with diseases or lesions are not permitted, so there’s no risk of bad meat making you sick.

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