Preparing for a Kosher Wedding

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life that requires Kosher weddings at Zaydessubstantial preparation. From reserving the location, booking a band, inviting your guests, and the myriad of responsibilities that accompany wedding planning, there are many details to organize. For members of the Jewish faith, an additional factor to consider is ensuring the food is kosher.

What Kind of Meat?

If you intend to have a kosher wedding, it is crucial to ensure the meat options fall within kosher guidelines. Red meat such as beef is fine as long as it is prepared properly. Chicken, goose, duck, and turkey are fine as well. Many other fowl, such as birds of prey, are not kosher. Fish is a broad category filled with kosher and non-kosher items. Sturgeon and marlin are not kosher. Shellfish is also prohibited, which means no crab cakes, shrimp cocktails, or oysters allowed, despite their popular status. Understanding the limitations allow you to guarantee a meal that meets the guidelines of kashrut law.


No wedding is complete without a good wine, and there are important rules about what wines are kosher. In addition to using only kosher ingredients, kosher wine is only made by Shabbat-observant Jews. This extends from the crushing of the grapes all the way to the bottling process. For more Orthodox Jews, the wine should not be served by a non-Jew. If you have Orthodox Jews present at your wedding and want to respect their strict kosher practices, consider Mevushal wine which is intended for non-Jews to serve without breaking kosher. 

Catering with Zayde’s Kosher Catering

Keeping track of all of the kosher dietary rules and restrictions required by the Torah can be overwhelming, let alone while planning your wedding. This is where Zayde’s Kosher Catering can step in to help you. We are well informed of all the kosher guidelines to ensure a fantastic kosher meal for your big day. We offer the option of having us come to you, or having your wedding catered at the Rosen Plaza Hotel. For more information, contact us at 407-996-0250.


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