Kosher Holiday Meal Ideas

Kosher holiday meal ideas
Zayde’s Kosher Catering Can Prepare A Wonderful Meal For Your Occasion

Enjoying classic holiday meals while adhering to a kosher diet can be tough,  but we’re here to help. Take a look at some of these great kosher holiday recipes for meal ideas this holiday season.

Kosher Turkey by Jamie Geller

If you’re looking for a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving while sticking to a kosher diet, this kosher turkey recipe from Jamie Geller is an excellent starting point. This recipe involves combining garlic and herbs with chicken or turkey schmaltz, a rendered fat product. The result is a golden, crispy turkey that’s perfectly kosher.

No Spaghetti Chicken Bake

For a less traditional, but still absolutely delicious holiday meal idea, look no further than this kosher, non-dairy chicken bake from Kosher in the Kitch. Onions, mushrooms, chicken, tomato sauce, and zucchini boodles come together to create an Italian-style dish for all to enjoy!

Pasta Salad with Broccoli and Pine Nuts

Every good holiday meal needs a good side dish. Pasta salad is always a crowd favorite, and adding some broccoli and pine nuts into the mix makes this high-carb dish more nutritious and delicious! Check out the recipe

New Amsterdam Apple Pie

Perhaps the most looked-forward-to part of a holiday meal, good dessert is key. Luckily, the masterminds at Kosher in the Kitch have devised a way to create a classic apple pie without using dairy, so it follows Kashrut Law like the rest of our recipe ideas! Have a look for yourself here.

Make It Easy

Cooking for the holidays is always a big task, but especially when you’re adhering to specific dietary restrictions. Luckily, Rosen Zayde’s can help make things a little bit easier for you. We have experience catering for kosher holiday meals and have a wide selection of options. If you want to make your kosher holiday cooking a bit easier this holiday season, give Rosen Zayde’s a call at (800) 627-8258.

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