Kosher Certification

There is a lot of confusion around kosher food nowadays. Many people think of kosher as meaning something close to “natural” or “organic,” when it has a far different meaning. Furthermore, some people think that kosher is a style of Mediterranean food, but it has nothing to do with cuisine either.

What does kosher actually mean?

The word “kosher” literally means clean or pure, and it is used in respect to the Hebrew food laws laid down over 3 millennia ago in the Torah. If food is prepared in accordance with these laws, it is considered kosher. So, you can have a kosher-prepared dish from a wide variety of the world’s cuisines, and it doesn’t only apply to traditional Jewish foods. Many kosher restaurants provide things like chicken wings, pizza, enchiladas, fish tacos, and Asian dishes.

How do you know if something is kosher?

The main challenge for anyone following strict kosher-diet is not the lack of options, but the lack of certain credibility and knowledge. Anyone can slap the word “kosher” on a product without being verified, so one has to be careful when searching for authentic kosher food. There have been more than a few restaurants advertising “kosher-style” food, when they really just mean that they serve Jewish and Mediterranean favorites. The kosher certification process is invaluable for helping people discern whether or not a particular item actually follows the food laws.

How does kosher certification work?

There are several kosher certification organizations operating under the authority of different rabbis. Each has a process by which food companies and restaurants are certified kosher and maintain that status. Research each of the certification companies and their branding symbols to discern which you are comfortable trusting when you see one at a restaurant or marketplace.

Because following the kashrut is extremely important to many people, the certification process is generally rigorous. It includes a consultation with a rabbi or mashgiach to educate a company or restaurant in kosher food preparation, and they will help set up a kitchen or facility in the best way possible to follow the kashrut. Some facilities have a full-time mashgiach to ensure that everything is held to the highest possible standard. Regardless, kosher food companies undergo frequent periodic evaluations to verify that they are operating within the dietary laws.

Zayde’s Kosher Catering

If you are looking for a premier catering service that you can trust follows the kashrut diligently, Zayde’s Kosher Catering is the only option in Orlando! We are certified kosher by the Orthodox Union and are under the supervision of the Rabbinate of Central and North Florida with a full-time mashgiach, so you don’t have to worry about our food service or preparation. If you have any questions about kosher certification or our excellent catering services, please give us a call at 407-996-0250.

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