Kosher Catering Tips for Your Next Event

Food is a central part of Jewish culture. It is also a central feature of all the big events in life, whether that’s a bar/bat mitzvah, wedding, or religious holiday. Kosher catering thus becomes extremely important when your event isn’t at a temple or event space with kosher kitchens. The problem is that the vast majority of caterers have no idea what Kashrut is or how to follow it, so you don’t have much confidence that the food they serve will be kosher. So, before you hire a caterer for your next event, here are some tips to make sure they will be a great success.

Top Priority: Selecting the Right Caterer

You have to have confidence in the caterer you select for the big event. It can’t be someone who doesn’t normally do kosher catering but says they will follow the food laws. The caterer must have a full understanding of all aspects of Kashrut. That means they not only understand which foods are kosher and which aren’t, but they also know where to find kosher-certified ingredients and follow the prescriptions surrounding food preparation and service. A true kosher caterer will have mastery of Jewish dietary laws so that your event comes off without a hiccup.

Have Something for Everyone

A trend right now in event catering is having several different fun, interactive stations. This is always a hit with the younger guests, who would surely love a make-your-own taco or pasta bar. For the adults, you could serve delicious entrees like Chicken Monaco, grilled rib eye, or something a little outside the box like oven-poached sea bass. And, even the most distinguished of guests couldn’t say no to a pareve desert bar including a variety of cheesecakes, mousses, and fruits.

Orlando Kosher Caterer

The best way to plan the perfect menu for your next event is to work directly with a knowledgeable kosher caterer. Zayde’s Kosher catering at the Rosen Plaza is the best choice for any wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, or any other event requiring food prepared according to Jewish dietary laws. Our world-class chefs can prepare a wide variety of cuisines, including American, Mexican, Asian, Mediterranean, and Jewish. To learn more about what we can do for your next event, please give us a call at 407-996-0250.

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