Keeping Kosher at Family Get-togethers

As summer draws to a close, it is never too late to join the family for one last hurrah. At family reunions and other group gatherings, nothing brings the clan closer than sharing a delicious meal and reminiscing over quality time you’ve shared in the past.Kosher family get-together

At Zayde’s, we aim to enhance these experiences by ensuring our food is not only top quality, but also in line with your Kosher requirements. Here are some of our top kosher treats for your next family get together:

  • Garlic Pita Wedges – An excellent way to set the mood, garlic pita wedges are fun and delicious. They can be placed on a snack table during festivities, or treated as a shared appetizer before a meal, which gets everyone interacting.
  • Salmon – Few things top salmon as an entrée or appetizer given it is as delicious as it is good for you. If you want a healthy meal that everyone will love, salmon is often the way to go.
  • Cinnamon Raisin Challah – A fun twist on the already twisted bread, cinnamon raisin challah is quite a special treat. Pulling apart the delicious loaf and sharing the sweet bread makes for a wonderful side or even dessert.

The Perfect Kosher Option

Zayde’s Kosher Catering aims to eliminate the stigma that Kosher food is somehow less appetizing than other, more traditional options. We work hard to create an abundant, appealing menu with flavorful and rich ingredients. Our menu of incredible kosher meals that help you remain true to the regulations of kashrut can be catered at a separate venue or in-house at the Rosen Plaza Hotel. For more information, contact us today at 407-996-0250.

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