Favorite Jewish Foods for Passover

Favorite Jewish Foods for Passover
Favorite Jewish Foods for Passover

Passover is a food-centric holiday where the food serves as a symbolic reminder of the historic Exodus and deliverance of the Jewish people from their captivity in Egypt. It is characterized by stringent restrictions on what you can eat and how you must prepare food, so cooking meals can be difficult. Regardless, out of these dietary laws have come several distinctive foods of Jewish culture, and each of which have their own unique twists on these dishes depending on how your family prepares them.

Classic Passover Dishes

Matzoh Ball Soup – Matzoh is the defining staple food item of Passover making this dish arguably the most recognizable in Jewish cuisine. Many variations matzoh balls exist from the dense kind to the light and fluffy all swimming in different types of broth. Whichever way you combine matzoh meal, eggs, and pareve margarine, it is easy to add a distinctive touch to this signature Passover dish.

Charoset – A necessity for the Seder meal, charoset is a unique dish that is hard to come by outside of Passover week. Packed with fruits, nuts, and spices in a blend to represent the clay used to make adobe bricks, families eat the spread on a piece of matzoh. Charoset’s sweetness stands out against the bitter herbs and dry, unleavened bread.

Horseradish Brisket – This is a great dish for Passover because it can be prepared on the first day and eaten for several days afterwards. In fact, the flavors intensify as the meat continues to marinate. Making enough for 3 or 4 days is a great plan. Horseradish symbolizes the bitterness of the Israelites’ slavery in Egypt and is a central part of the Seder meal.

Kosher Catering

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