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Identifying Kosher Foods: Decipher the Labels

Identify Kosher Foods with ZaydesIt may seem intimidating at first, but identifying kosher and pareve foods is simple once you know some basic guidelines and identifying markings. Since you’re keeping Kosher, it’s important to be able to identify which foods are safe and which ones need to stay at the store.

Kosher Identifiers

Kosher foods follow a… Read More »

The History of Cholent

Cholent is a favorite Jewish stew that is cooked slowly for several hours — up to 12 hours. Cholent was developed over many centuries to follow food preparation laws on the Sabbath. It has profound emotional significance. The smell of cholent used to permeate the wooden houses of Jewish villages throughout Eastern Europe, with the pot being sealed with flour and paste and taken to the baker’s oven to bake throughout the day. Then family members would fetch t… Read More »

Kosher Holiday Meal Ideas

Kosher holiday meal ideas
Zayde’s Kosher Catering Can Prepare A Wonderful Meal For Your Occasion

Enjoying classic holiday meals while adhering to a kosher diet can be tough,  but we’re here to help. Take a look at some of these great kosher holiday recipes for meal ideas this holiday season.

Kosher Turkey by Jamie Geller

If you’re looking for a great way to celebrate T… Read More »

Kosher Catering Tips for Your Next Event

Food is a central part of Jewish culture. It is also a central feature of all the big events in life, whether that’s a bar/bat mitzvah, wedding, or religious holiday. Kosher catering thus becomes extremely important when your event isn’t at a temple or event space with kosher kitchens. The problem is that the v… Read More »

Jewish Wedding Traditions

kosher weddings
Zayde’s Specializes in Catering for Jewish Weddings

Weddings are a time of great celebration with family and friends, but the traditions surrounding them make them even more. Traditions connect us with all those who came before, and all those who will come after, who follow the same customs and beliefs. They bring us together, and elevate our lives into something… Read More »

Kosher Certification

There is a lot of confusion around kosher food nowadays. Many people think of kosher as meaning something close to “natural” or “organic,” when it has a far different meaning. Furthermore, some people think that kosher is a style of Mediterranean food, but it has nothing to do with cuisine either.

What does kosher actually mean?

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Kosher Dining in Orlando

A true kosher restaurant can be hard to find. Some restaurants will claim they are kosher or “kosher-style” as a vague way to say that they are either healthy or serve Mediterranean food, which is a complete misunderstanding of the term. If a restaurant is designated as kosher, that means that it complies fully with Jewish dietary laws based on the Tal… Read More »

What are the Kosher Laws?

There are many misconceptions about what “kosher” means. It is not a What is Kosher law?style of food that Jewish people eat, nor are foods kosher because a priest or rabbi blesses it. Rather, it has to do with whether the food is fit for consumption under biblical dietary law. Because the majority of food providers today do not adhere to these regulations, it can be hard for a kosher-eating person to find acceptable food options outside of their house.

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