5 Reasons Why You Should Cater Kosher at Your Next Event

Big events like weddings, corporate parties, conventions, and bar/bat mitzvahs take a lot of planning to execute. Of course, the heart and soul of every large gathering and celebration is the food. In order for your event to be a massive success, the food has to be top-notch. Though many people don’t consider it, using a kosher caterer can be the missing ingredient that takes your event to the next level. Here are 5 reasons why you should cater kosher at your next event.

  1. You or most of your guests follow a strict kosher diet. Obviously, you want to be able to partake of the food offered at your own event, and you want all of the guests to as well, so it’s a no-brainer to hire certified kosher catering at a predominantly Jewish event. It also makes things so much easier to use a full-time kosher catering service rather than one that simply offers some kosher alternatives. This way, you won’t have to worry if the caterer knows what they are doing and you can eat freely knowing the food was prepared, cooked, and served the right way.  
  1. Kosher food is tasty. Sure, some foods like shellfish and meat-lover pizzas are ruled out, but there’s so much delicious food out there that can be prepared in a kosher way. For example, go with a traditional favorite like baked salmon with cracked olives and sun-dried tomatoes, or get creative with Asian sesame chicken wraps. The bottom line is that you aren’t sacrificing anything in the culinary department to serve kosher food. 
  1. It will keep you from alienating some guests. Even if you do not follow a kosher diet, and the majority of your guests don’t either, it is still a good idea to cover your bases. Again, there’s no reason not to — unless you only want to serve coconut shrimp all night. Your guests who do follow a kosher diet will feel welcome and will not have to worry if they can eat the food provided. Kosher cuisine also caters to vegetarians and some vegans, depending on the dish. It is a win for everybody.
  1. It will keep things simple. Trying to accommodate the dietary restrictions of each guest can quickly turn into a mess. If you plan on catering non-kosher food to most of your guests, and work with your caterer to provide kosher meals for others, there is a lot of potential for mistakes. The caterer probably won’t understand the intricacies of kosher food, and could end up unknowingly ruining the kosher dishes by serving them alongside the other food or by cooking them with the same utensils. By serving only kosher food, you avoid these worries.   
  1. Orlando has one of the best kosher catering services in the country. Zayde’s Kosher Catering is the only full-service kosher caterer in Orlando certified by the Orthodox Union and the Rabbinate of Central and North Florida. We have three separate kitchens to ensure that there are no kosher violations when storing, prepping, cooking, and serving food. Because of the expertise of our chefs, we can prepare a wide variety of delicious menus for any event imaginable.

Learn more about Zayde’s Kosher Catering by visiting our website and browsing through our menus. To schedule us for your next event, give us a call at 407-996-0250.

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